Sunday, March 29, 2009

J.Crew Private Shopping Event and Brunch: Photos & Recap

Thanks to all the D.C. area Aficionadas who attended the marvelous extravaganza that was the J.Crew Private Shopping Event followed by Sunday brunch!

An incredible day was had by all, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the hardworking and talented J.Crew Pentagon City associates. Each Aficionada was showered with lavish attention, lovely sweets, and refreshing mimosas as the amazing associates waited on us hand and foot to make sure we found lots try on from the pretty new spring and summer collection. The guests walked away with plenty of fabulous finds (to wear to future occasions!) purchased at a 20% discount. The experience was no less than a shopping fairy tale!

Afterwards, we adjourned to the lively Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington for brunch. Our server did an outstanding job of attending to all of our food and beverage needs as well as taking some key photos of the group. The private dining room was idea for catching up with each other, and also for sneaking a peak at Diana P's stunning jewelry creations (more on that in an upcoming post).

The morning started somewhat overcast in the high 50s with a little drizzle but blossomed into a gorgeous sunny afternoon in the mid 70s. And speaking of blossoming, the famous Washington cherry blossoms were in full bloom throughout the area, making for a glorious spring day to complement the lovely spring pieces in the store.

All the Aficionadas looked spectacular in their "Frilly Frocks" themed J.Crew ensembles. Polyvore sets to follow. Please send me yours!

Guests in attendance included Slastena, Dinagideon, Drewablank, DianaP, Cleo, HeidiG, Kat, Lexieloo, JBird, Metropolitan Magnolia, Joyce, AnneG, Rosa, Geneva, Aasha, LisaK, Jackie from DC, Nancy, Cindy, Gina, Gillian, Awojo, Amy, Kate, and 3-Penny Princess. (Please let me know if I've left anyone off the list.)

Check out the photos below:

Susan, our talented and attentive (and stylishly polished) J.Crew personal shopper, sent a note thanking all of us for attending the Private Wardrobing Session. She writes:

"...All the ladies were wonderful, and were so pleasant to work with. I know the staff had a good time, and I hope all of you did as well.

I've got you scheduled for the end of August. Ahh, I love fall clothes; its my favorite line all year."

Yes girls, you know what that means... we're invited back in late August to preview the Fall 2009 collection. Keep your calendars open!

Also, check out dinagideon's blog post and Slastena's blog post for a swell recap of the private shopping & brunch with photos.


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

Eveyone looked so beautiful!!! I am glad that everyone had a great time and can't wait to see the fabulous buys

Cleo26 said...

Thanks so much for organizing our lovely outing, 3-Penny! I had a great time. Looking forward to the tea. ;)

Btw, here is my polvore set.

dinagideon said...

3PP: Thank you for this write-up and THANK YOU for getting a lot of this event off the ground. We had such a blast. I truly look forward to our tea, maybe in May?

I am glad you grabbed a pic with Joyce before she headed out for the day. You both looked so pretty in that picture! :)

dinagideon said...

Now I am just being silly...Obviously there are two other LOVELY women in the picture with you and Joyce. And they looked incredibly beautiful as well. The first time I looked at the pic I thought I only saw you and Joyce! Agh! Mea Culpa!

itztru said...

Great photos 3-Penny - Thanks for sharing. Looking at the big smiles, I can tell everyone had a great time. Any favorite new items after the J. Crew viewing? And, the big question of course, is did you buy anything?!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and recap of the all look FABULOUS! Sounds like you had a terrific time, too. :)

GingerSnap said...

Everyone looks so darling! I love everyone's outfits, you all looked so "spring-y" ... it must have been so much fun. I would love to do this sometime...any shopping events coming to Florida?

HeidiG said...

3-PP, thanks so much for organizing! It was such a fanatastic event. I had so much fun meeting and hanging out with everyone. All you ladies are so so beautiful and so kind as well. Such a lovely day!

I guess now I have to finally figure out Polyvore, huh? Fortunately, Slastena gave me some pointers on the ride down. (thank you!!)

ShopDiva - we missed you, catch you next time?

Joyce - so bummed that I only got to say hi, I was hoping you would make it to brunch! Next time?

AnneG - thank you for the Target pearl cluster! Just as excited about that as my JC purchases.

AnneG said...

3-Penny -- Thanks for organizing. It was truly a shopping fantasy to have the whole J.Crew to ourselves for several hours. Your home B&M sales associates could not have been nicer or more gracious. It was tons of fun and I am so happy with my purchases. Now, if two days earlier I hadn't placed a big order online, I would have bought more. Oh, well! The discount was great, though. Wish I could have joined you at brunch. But, thanks again. Let's do it again soon!

Emily said...

I am so excited for all those that got to attend. It looks everyone had a wonderful time. I love seeing all the outifts and everyone looks so pretty! Thanks for the pictures.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for coordinating everything 3-Penny! I was apparently shopping so seriously I missed meeting AnneG and many, many others. I virtually only met people in the dressing room!! Including, you 3-Penny! Thanks again!

3-Penny Princess said...

Thank you all so much for coming to the event and for making is spectacular! I loved meeting all the new girls and catching up with those of you whom I met in February!

The Pentagon City store associates also enjoyed hosting us - they sent me a nice note which I'll pass on to you.

Please send me your photos!

Also, please send me your Polyvore sets so I can add them to my next post.

Stay tuned for news about the Spring Tea! I am looking forward to having you ladies over for another swell get-together!

Drewablank said...

Wow! 3PP, another successful event! I loved meeting everyone, for the first and second times! All looked and were lovely. :)

Thanks so much for organizing, and I do look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

gigiofca said...

How fun! My eyes are drinking it all in. I love all the outfits. Super cute. Great recap 3PP!

Slastena said...

What a fantastic time we all had, thank you so much for making it all happen. Too bad it ended so soon. It was so funny how we managed to delay the store opening beyond 12 o'clock and everyone outside was very anxious to get in.
I wish I could have joined you at the brunch, my spirit was with you, ladies. Will definitely join next time.

Alexis said...

Amazing! That is what everyone was dressed... just amazing! I am completely envious (in the good way) of the wonderful time you all had. :)

P.S. you all are just lovely!!!

Drewablank said...

I just noticed that picture with dinagideon with that necklace! Did you get it, DG? It is gorgeous on you! :)

'Can't wait for August!! But wait...I WILL enjoy the spring and summer months first. LOL!

Summerilla said...

Hi Ladies! You all look beautiful in your Jcrew clothes. I live in the DC area and would love to get involved with the DC JCA group. I love everything Jcrew. I would greatly appreciate if I could get on the evite mailing list for future events.


Tamstyles said...

I wish I had friends to do that with here...but they arent into J taste is a bit (ummmmmm)...over $10