Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update on D.C. Aficionada Private Shopping & Brunch

Washington, D.C. J.Crew Aficionadas, I am pleased to update you on some great news about this Sunday's Private Shopping Event and Brunch...

First of all, get ready to shop till you drop! The Pentagon City J.Crew store has graciously offered to delay their store opening by 2 hours so that the Aficionadas can have the store all to themselves from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. We will be guest VIPs!

Plus, they will make our Private Wardrobing experience a delightful one by serving snacks, coffee, juice, mimosas, and tasty treats.

And, get this: You will receive 20% off a $125 purchase during the shopping event!

I will also update you on the weekend's new offerings and promotions as soon as I receive them.

Brunch at The Boulevard Woodgrill will begin at 1:00. We will be seated in the downstairs private dining room. If you can't make it to the private shopping event, meet us at the restaurant afterwards.

If anyone is riding Metro and needs a ride from Pentagon City to The Boulevard Woodgrill, please let me know. Also, if anyone needs directions either to Pentagon City or to The Boulevard Woodgrill, feel free to contact me.

Finally, don't forget to take the poll on my blog to vote for the items you're most looking forward to trying on during our Private Wardrobing Session.

Visit the original event post for all the details and locations.
If you have any questions, either leave me a comment or email me at contact@3PennyPrincess.com.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


This just in!

Our personal shopper just sent me the list of promotions that will be going on in the store this weekend. Here they are:

• NEW! Featherweight Cashmere S/S Cardigan (15534) - $99 ($168)
• Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan (11271) - $125 ($158)
• French Terry Cardigan (13658) - $49.50 ($59.50)
• S/S Cashmere Crewneck Tee (12248) - $78 ($98)

• All ¾ Stretch Shirts (11454, 12072) - $48.00 ($64-$58)
• His Stripe Shirt (97335) - $50.00 (69.50)

• NEW! Tissue Boyfriend V-neck Tee (11657) - $19.50 ($29.50)
• Pique Polos (13946, 13852) - $24.50 ($39.50-$42)
• S/S Perfect Crewneck (97785) - $15 ($22.50)
• French Terry Double Hoodie (12661) - $49.50 ($59.50)
• Painter Crewneck (12672) - $24.50 ($34)
• Washed Favorite Tank (92236) – 2 for $25 (16.50)

• NEW! Café Capri (10492, 13327, 13947) - $59.50 ($79.50)
• Select White Denim (99774, 11579) - $20 off ($98)
• Cocktail Capri (12305, 12428) - $69.50 ($79.50)
• Seaside Shorts (13052, 13810) - $39.50 ($49.50)
• Premium Stretch Bistro Pant (99809) - $78 ($88)
• Everyday Chino (95397) - $49.50 ($59.50)
• Stretch Summerweight Bermuda Short (99432) - $39.50 ($49.50)

• Canvas Atelier Jacket (13105) - $98 ($148)
• White Denim Jacket – 25% off ($98)
• Pinstripe Stretch Wool Suiting (95729, 92730, 95728) – 25% Off
• Washed Curator Trench (11899) - $118 ($158)

• NEW! All Full Price Swim – 30% off

• Cotton Sateen Gateau Skirt (13464) - $69.50 ($88)
• Beachcloth Raquel Ruffle Dress (12651) - $59.50 ($78)
• Sanur Dress (91099) - $59.50 ($68)
• Novelty Mini Skirts – 25% off ($98-$69.50)
• Pencil Skirts (Various) - $69.50 ($128-$98)

• Cashmere Blend Scarves (15242, 14547) - $49.50 ($68)
• All Full Price Women’s Shoes – 25% off
• All Full Price Women’s Sandals – 25% off
• All Fabric Belts - $24.50 ($34-$38)
• All Full Price Socks & Knee highs – 3 or more 30% off
• All Capri Sandals (72868, 90874, 14181) - $10 off ($49.50)
• Select Bangles (Various) – 2 or more 30% off ($34-$28)
• All Women’s Flip-flops(Various) – 2 or more 20% off ($49.50-$19.50)
• All Tortoise Accessories – 2 or more 25% off ($24.50-$16.50)


dinagideon said...

Yay!!! I cannot wait! Thank you, 3PP...

3-Penny Princess said...

dina - me neither! I am so exctited to see you all again! And, I can't wait to meet the new girls. It will be a blast!

HeidiG said...

So excited to finally meet you all! Thanks so much for setting this up!!! I'm sure it was a lot of work. I am planning to metro, so I would love a ride from PC to Clarendon.

Also, if there are any JCA's who want to meet at metro (Shady Grove) or carpool from MoCo, please let me know!

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: If you don't mind me stopping at my childhood home (halfway between PC and brunch) to see CW, I can totally drive you!!!

HeidiG said...

Dina - that would be great - thank you!!

GingerSnap said...

Oh! I am soooo jealous, I would love to join you girls...maybe another year :)

AnneG said...

Hello! I sent this no to 3PP and she suggested I post on her blog. So...I have (2) Target Pearl Cluster necklaces that I will sell for what I paid for them -- $10.99 + tax. I bought one for myself a while back but then saw the little suckers there a few weeks later and picked them up thinking someone might want them. If anyone is interested that is attending Sunda's Private Sale, please e-mail me at annega at microsoft dot com and I’ll bring them with me Sunday. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear from anyone else in Richmond? Thank you for asking me to come, a while back, but I cannot make it this weekend.

Do you t hink if I called and ordered, they would h onor the discount???



Slastena said...

Ooh and aah, can't wait till Sunday! Thank you so much for making this gathering come true!:)))

Slastena said...

Heidi- I live right next to Shady Grove!! I can pick you up there and drive you to DC and back. Let me know!

Oops, I just saw Dina's offer.

HeidiG said...

3PP- thanks for all the info on the specials. I will have to look through closely later today

Slastena - I actually would love a ride to DC and back. And I can catch a ride from PC to brunch with you or Dina. (So excited to meet 2 of my most fave bloggers!) I'm sure plenty of us will need a lift from PC to brunch. I hope this isn't rude that I'm still asking for a lift - I know I always prefer company in the car.

dinagideon said...

OMG, 3PP, LOVE that you got an updated list of what is on promo. I have printed it out. I will get my handy highlighter and figure out some ideas.

Slastena and HeidiG: I love company in the car...makes driving more enjoyable. I am sure we will figure it all out...and since I have zero issues with driving someone, I will happily take the one person I can take (backseat has both carseats so I only have one spare seat)! I cannot wait to see everyone!

Christina said...

I'm sooo bummed I'm going to miss it since I will be out of town. I'm excited that I've been brought into this little JCA network and of course I will miss the first event since finding out. Oh well.

3-Penny Princess said...

bichonluvr - We'll have more events! And I'll try to reach out to more Richmond area Aficionadas. Maybe you could call the Pentagon City store and schedule an appointment for the future, then you can come up and visit us! It's just a straight shot up I-95 and it's the last exit before you cross the bridge into D.C. As long as you make an appointment before March 31, I think you can come in anytime after that. Although, I know you have a J.Crew in Richmond that would be much closer..

We'll miss you!

3-Penny Princess said...

Christina - I'm sorry we'll miss you too! But don't worry, I promise we'll have more events. My mind is already buzzing with another get-together idea, maybe in late April or early May...

We'll think of you on Sunday!

3-Penny Princess said...

Slastena and HeidiG - I am so excited to see you!

Also, I have plenty of room in my car if anyone needs a ride.

Drewablank said...

I am stoked (to borrow an old 90s surfer term - LOL) to see you all on Sunday! This'll prove to be yet another fun and delicious outing. :)

And I'm open to anyone needing rides...caveat - I do drive an old Jeep Wrangler. :p So if you don't mind a bumpity-bumpity ride, you're more than welcome! :D

3-Penny Princess said...

Drewablank - I'm stoked to see you too!:) Thanks for offering your ride!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, Drewablank and everyone, I was sort of not sure whether to drive or Metro...I am in Old Town Alexandria - is that convenient for anyone already planning to drive? Dina - I know your car is already full. I am happy to Metro but was planning on wearing pretty high heels :)


3-Penny Princess said...

A - I'm close to Old Town. What part are you near? Email me at contact@3PennyPrincess.com.

Alexis said...

It sounds like another amazing event! Please take lots of pictures and please share them! (This way I can see all your great outfits and pretend like I was there too!) :)

3-Penny Princess said...

Will do, Alexis! We'll be sure to take lots of good photos. Thanks for being our inspiration!

MetropolitanMagnolia said...

I am so excited, most as a newbie I'm excited to meet all of you style mavens!

Joyce said...

I will need a ride to the brunch & I'll be schlepping my luggage. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

3-Penny Princess said...

Joyce, where are you staying?

Drewablank said...

I hope you, 3PP or anyone, will be able to see this post before tomorrow morning. Where do we actually meet up in Pentagon City? Since it's only J.Crew that's opening early, where do you all propose we meet? I'm a little confused. :p

Drewablank said...

I'm such a goober! I just read your evite again! D'oh! I'll see you all tomorrow! :)

Joyce said...

3PP I am at the Doubletree off of Army Navy and plan on taking the shuttle to the mall. I could walk but it's suppose to rain--again!

Drewablank said...

Hi, Joyce! Have you made arrangements with 3PP? If not, I can pick you up from Doubletree. :)

Anonymous said...

How was the event today?