Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello Again and Surprise! A JCA Get-Together

My sincerest and biggest apologies to all for disappearing -- again! For anyone who may be wondering what in the world happened to the 3-Penny Princess, I'm happy to report that I'm not dead (yet). I haven't been kidnapped or marooned on some deserted island. And thankfully, despite numerous exposures, I have not fallen victim to the H1-N1 epidemic.

No, I've just been insanely and massively sidelined by work. Which is amazing, because it means that my business is booming! The good news is, I'm hopefully in the process of expanding (read: adding staff) which should add a little more breathing room to my jam-packed weekly schedule. Aside from the obvious benefits of providing slightly more opportunities to shop, it could also mean a return to (semi-regular) blogging. So that will be a welcome change!
The other good news is that the ever-social D.C. JCAs were able to put aside their busy work schedules and kids' activities for a wonderful day of shopping and lunch. Hosted by the gracious and attentive associates of J.Crew Pentagon City, we enjoyed a rare opportunity to shop in peace and quiet while checking out the new collection. The divine breakfast spread was most appreciated!
Lugging more than a few overflowing shopping bags, the ladies strolled out to lunch during what turned into an unseasonably warm day. We savored various mezze and wines at the Pentagon City outpost of Lebanese Taverna while catching up on life, work, and of course, our shopping conquests.
Among the JCAs present were Dinagideon, HeidiG, Cleo26, Summerilla, Rosa in DC (who I might add rocked the equestrian flat boots look with last year's fuschia Lexington jacket), and myself. Thanks to Summerilla for snapping the below post-lunch shots.
Also, an overdue congratulations to Slastena who wasn't able to join us due to a much more momentous occasion: the birth of her second son! Best wishes to her and her growing family during this exciting time! And watch out, crewcuts - now there are 2 instead of 1 reason to make more cute stuff.
The day was such a welcome break and a nice way to catch up with each other. I look forward to more fabulous get-togethers!


itztru said...

Great to see you back (was just going to send you an email!)...and to hear that business is booming! You all look fabulous and I so enjoy (and have missed) your posts! If I'm ever scheduled for a realtor convention in the DC area, I hope to get together!

Rosa in DC said...

You are BACK!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I missed your wonderful posts. I am glad that work is going so great.
I enjoyed meeting you all for some shopping and good food. Thanks for the complements about my look, I love that jacket!
Hope to get together again soon.

LPC said...

You guys look great. And congratulations on the business success!

prashant said...

you all look fabulous and I so enjoy.

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Dylana said...

Lovely blog!

Alexis said...

As usual, you JCAs look fabulous! I love everyone's outfit!!! :)

Red Lipstick Style said...

what a wonderful event! I really like your blog!

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