Monday, March 30, 2009

J.Crew Private Shopping Event & Brunch: What We Wore, What We Bought...

D.C. ladies, you looked phenomenal in your colorful, girly, and perfectly accessorized J.Crew outfits! You were a huge hit with the Pentagon City sales associates, and you definitely made the scene at Clarendon's chic Boulevard Woodgrill.

Below is what we wore. Please share your Polyvore set with me! Either send me the link at or leave a comment letting me know your Polyvore name.

Also, what did you take home with your 20% discount? Tell me all about your finds!

J.Crew Private Shopping & Brunch
J.Crew Private Shopping & Brunch - by 3-Penny Princess on

JCA DC Brunch
JCA DC Brunch - by Cleo26 on

Diana P's J.Crew Private Shopping & Brunch Outfit
Diana P's J.Crew Private Shopping & Brunch Outfit - by 3-Penny Princess on

DC J Crew Aficionada Brunch-03/29/09
DC J Crew Aficionada Brunch-03/29/09 - by HeidiGblog on

Polyvore To Real Life: JCA event 3/29/2009
Polyvore To Real Life: JCA event 3/29/2009 - by Jcrew chick (aka slastena) on

Dina's Brunch Outfit
Dina's Brunch Outfit - by 3-Penny Princess on

3Penny Princess Shopping Spree
3Penny Princess Shopping Spree - by DC Hill Grl on

JCA-DC Private Shopping Event & Brunch
JCA-DC Private Shopping Event & Brunch - by Smartiepants on

DC JCA Brunch Outfit
DC JCA Brunch Outfit by DCFashionista featuring J Crew jeans

Easy, breezy Sunday morning shopping w/JCAs
Easy, breezy Sunday morning shopping w/JCAs by fool4fashion featuring GAP jeans

JCA Shopping Event
JCA Shopping Event by AnneG featuring J Crew necklaces


dinagideon said...

3PP: Thank you for showing these. I do not have a polyvore because both of my items are too old to make it into polyvore. It's okay!!! I look forward to seeing all of the collections...

3-Penny Princess said...

Dina - your outfit was so springlike and pretty!

I uploaded your Frances dress to Polyvore, so it’s there now. Do you remember when you got your jacket? I have catalogs going back to 2005. Also, which shoes did you wear? They looked like J.Crew but I can’t remember now looking at the photos.

I'd love to feature your lovely ensemble!

dinagideon said...

Awesome...I actually mentioned where I got all the pieces on my post about the event...published maybe ten minutes ago!!!

If you have catalogs going back that far, can we talk about me photographing them and posting pics on my blog...the old catalogs are kind of a pet project of mine!!! :)

Thank you again!!!

HeidiG said...

Love the sets - everyone was so beautiful!!

3-Penny Princess said...

Awesome, Dina! I will put a link to your post in my post update.

My catalogs go back to August 05, so I just missed your jacket! But I can definitely share the oldies with you sometime.

I can make your set with the photos though if you want.

Slastena said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Here is the link to my set.

Sorry for messing up the theme, at least the flowers were "frilly". I had the full skirt laid out to wear, but when I've learned I won't be able to make it to brunch and saw rain outside, I changed to jeans, blah.

AnneG said...

I was really trying hard to be good on Sunday -- so went home with just a few things, but things I LOVE. I don't know what they are calling this tee but it was on the front table behind the "brunch bar". It's a graphic tee and has multi-colored yarn design on the front -- looks like there is a party going on on that tee! I bought the silver/platinum one and just really like the unique design. I also bought the bright pink version of the waterfall cardigan. LOVE, LOVE those cardigans! And, also the Crocodile Cardigan which I have been eyeing for a while. So unique. I had to get a pair of the flip-flops -- Fleur de Lys design. I have tons of Fleur de Lys stuff so had to add to the collection. That's it! Really, not so bad and the 20% off was super helpful. What did everyone else get?

Drewablank said...

Here's my polyvore set: :)

And to all the ladies, everybody looked beautiful - and Slastena, even with your decidedly un-frilly-but-flowery outfit, you were still stunning!

I walked away with a couple of things too - the Michelle cardigan in Dusty Rose, the Boyfriend V-neck Tee in white, the Trilby hat in Chambray, a small magic wallet and a fab ring that's unusually not on the site. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi 3PP

Thank you for organizing such a great shopping trip and great brunch. Here's my very first polyvore set

Thanks again and look forward to tea in Virginia.


Professor said...

I adored enjoying your energies and bright spirit on the brunch report. Totally envious--there's no group like it on the west coast. You sparkle, dear one.

3-Penny Princess said...

Professor - thank you!!

We would love to have you join us if you ever take a trip out here... Or, if I ever fulfill my dream of finally visiting the west coast, maybe I can meet you and the California girls!

3-Penny Princess said...

Rosa and Drewablank - your sets have been added, thank you!

Ladies, Tea is in the works... see my latest post!

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

Great outfits!!!!!

Needs Help said...

what great outfits! looks like y'all had a blast :)