Sunday, March 15, 2009

My J.Crew Spring *Wish List*: Rewards for Non-Shopping

Like many of you, I took the plunge a few weeks ago and gave up shopping -- temporarily, of course! My excuse was Lent, or to be perfectly honest, a severe case of a pre-Lenten guilty conscience at having gone completely off the deep end with purchases for about 4 months straight. And while I haven't been as good as I had hoped -- more to follow on that topic! -- I have so far survived 2 good J.Crew discounts, endless coupons, incredible sales, and several persuasive friends/sales associates. Well, let me be honest again: I haven't survived them all, having fallen off the wagon twice already. But the point is, I'm getting right back on as of today, with the steadfast determination to not shop for another 2 weeks. Because, while the temptations are great, the rewards are even greater.

What rewards, you may ask? The rewards of getting to go on a guilt-free shopping spree at the end of the month with my fellow J.Crew Aficionadas! And not just any shopping spree, but scooping up all the pretty new summer goodies before anyone else while enjoying refreshments and being waited on hand and foot and by the fantastic J.Crew Pentagon City Associates. Plus, I'll get to finally bring home all those beautiful spring items that have sat and waited so patiently in my online shopping cart (all sad and lonely, poor little things).

So, to rev myself up for the final 2 weeks of my shopping fast, I'm going to post my wish list and stare at it until the big day arrives. Here's to 2 more weeks of daydreaming... *sigh*

Frenchie Slicker in Papaya

Pique V-neck Ruffle Dress in Tea Rose

Cotton Bow Dress in Bright Papaya

Stretch Sateen Pencil Skirt in Navy

Deco Dot Cardigans in Pewter and Soft Seashell

Canvas Atelier Jacket in Navy

Silk Chiffon Juliet Dress in Clover

Silk Tricotine Robin Short Dress in Tea Rose

Slub Silk Penelope Dress in Slate

Jackie Cardigan in Dark Aquamarine

Cashmere Shrunken Shawl Collar Cardigan in Tea Rose

Jeweled Coronation Cuff Bracelet in Natural

Georgi High Heels with Tassels in Fresh Guava

Cotton-Cashmere Waterfall Ruffle Cardigan in Tea Rose

Remember your rewards and hang in there, girls. May the force be with all of you!

Fell off the wagon again! I'm a terrible, terrible person. No rewards for me now except maybe in hell!:)


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

Congratulations 3 penny on your steadfast determination. I admire your comittment. I fell off, but now i am back on again. I too suffered from the "shopping bug" and went crazy over the last 6 months with mindless, excessive shopping. I finally took a look at myself via my blog and did not like what I saw in the least bit. I am on the band wagon and putting an end to my madness.

KBear said...

Your picks are so pretty!

HeidiG said...

Good for you! I love the idea of making the reward list. I'll have to give it some thought because I know there are some things I am very interested in and want to make I don't miss them.

Good for you for all that you did. Even if we fall off the wagon, we get right back on. (But I look forward to the details of falling off, I'll admit. I am shopping vicariously through others)

3-Penny Princess said...

shopaholicdiva and HeidiG - I'm glad I'm not alone in my addiction!:) Mindless and excessive sound pretty harsh, but then, that's a pretty accurate assessment of my spending lately... Let's be strong from now on and resist! Our big day will be here before we know it. Even if we fall off the wagon, let's hop right back on. Go team Aficionada!

3-Penny Princess said...

Thank you, KBear! These images will torment me day and night, no doubt (until I am finally allowed to shop). I am also excited to see what new goodies come out in April. Then I really won't be able to resist!

Your blog is cute, BTW. Keep up the good work!

Slastena said...

Congratulations on your exemplary will strenght!Your wishlist is wonderful, I love every single piece on it. I am going to March 29th shopping spree/brunch with an open mind. I don't know yet what I'll get or what I'll like. One thing I know for sure, if I get something- it will be because I truly love and need that item. No more mindless ( albeit therapeutic, lol!)shopping for me.

3-Penny Princess said...

Slastena - it's time for my confession: I fell off the wagon pretty badly. I don't mean a little transgression here and there, either. I mean, I undid in 2 days all the good that I did in 20. So now, the only rewards for me will be in hell!:)

Your strength, on the other hand, has been truly exemplary and inspirational! I don't know how you're doing it, but you're really keeping true to your non-shopping promise. How do you find the strength to resist the temptation every day?

I do think you have a great idea with future shopping though: only buy something you really, truly love. Mindless/therapeutic shopping is definitely a trap! Does that mean no more rummaging through the sale racks and screening the Weekly Exchange for good finds?:)

HeidiG said...

3-PP - re your comments to Slastena, I think there's room for that rummaging. The oh my gosh, I totally wanted (here's my example) that navy henna tee and didn't get it because I thought it was too similar to the navy lifeguard tee from summer 07, but the large fit great and wow, someone has it for sale.

But the rule applies - if it sings to you, if you put it on and you feel like you could conquer the world, even wearing bunny slippers, then go for it.

And I am truly glad I will have all of you as reinforcements on march 29 to make sure we are true to ourselves.

3-Penny Princess said...

HeidiG - thank you for the moral encouragement! I'll try to be better for the rest of the month at least. But I think we need to form a support group to keep ourselves on track!:)

GingerSnap said...

Beautiful wish list! Just do not obsess over it too much, you're on a clothes diet as of right now (an inspirational diet nonetheless!) Repeat after me: "I will only shop my closet"..."I will only shop my..."